Mastikol raises again the level of its technical service introducing an additional measuring instrument.
Continuing with the intention to offer free climatic aging tests useful to simulate the operating conditions of the products assembled with our adhesives, we have inserted a new Zwick/Roell Pro Line dynamometer for strength and resistance measuring of the bonding, regularly both evaluated during daily control and /or experimentation phases.
Specifically, the dynamometric machines for destructive testing of materials offers an advanced solution for analysing the performance of our adhesives interposed between different bonded materials such as metals, thermoplastics, fibre-reinforced composites, etc.
Furthermore, our climatic environmental simulation chambers not only allow testing of materials with complex temperature profiles in the range -50°C ÷ +200°C, but also humidity regulation in a range 10% ÷ 98% R.H. High slew rates enable standard-compliant tests and evaluations under highly dynamic conditions.
The verification tasks on materials are mainly performed by the manufacturers of components at each level of the supply and with this additional our service they can rely on Mastikol for a fast and reliable testing service. All the instruments of our laboratory are integrated in specific procedures of our Quality.

Laboratory services

  • Verification of substrates, regulations, specifications and assembly process
  • Bonding of samples according to ASTM specifications and/or customer requirements
  • Environmental simulation with rapid temperature changes and humidity control
  • Anti-condensation protection programming for aging specimens
  • Dynamometer tensile test of assembled specimens after thermal cycles
  • Analysis of detached surfaces and interpretation of the real values
  • Generation of shareable reports in an open format, with recorded measurement values / graphs

The benefits of our investment

An electronic machine with 30 Kilo Newton pneumatic gripping guarantees absolute stability on the bonded specimen area in tension and the additional advantages include safety, powerful drives, adaptive control, precision in force measurement, modular flexibility, innovative interfaces, conformity correction, high data transmission speed, system monitoring. Tests can be created on a customer basis, setting examination targets, speed and specimen size custom-made to a tensile or compression test.
The Quality has been improved with additional procedures for an efficient supply service, our laboratory tools are designed to provide clients Professional Bonding Solutions.

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