Component B – SMP is a paste as a compound which is used as a hardening accelerator
for the polymerization process of SMP products (SMP = Silyl Modiefied Polymer)

A small amount of component B SMP (1 part of component B in 40 parts of SMP) speeds up
considerably the hardening time and the achievement of strength of SMP-based products.
The accumulation of time force is given in the following figure. Alternatively, component B SMP allows
large overlaps and unions which cannot fully cure with a
single component product because the humidity is not able to spread to complete the
polymerization independently from humidity inside the joint.
Together with the standard SMP product, component B SMP is extruded with a dedicated Dual applicator
SMP 400P. The two components are mixed by static mixer just before the
extrusion. 2 static mixers are available: Static mixer 8 and Static products
mixer 10 for ISR 70-03 products.


TDS Componente B



Paste base material in dispersion with special fillers and additives
Dry content approx. 74%
Specific weight approx. 1,40 g / ml
Viscosity ca. 250-400 Pa.s
PH value 8-9
Whitish color
Packaging Tubes 10 ml

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