Mastikol further improve the level of its technical service by adding the opportunity to subject specimens of your assembled product, by our Adhesives, to climatic aging cycles so simulating operating conditions. The tensile strength measurements of the bondings of the original substrates by dynamometric traction, will thus be even more realistic. In nearly no other sector the requirements for the materials are used as high as in the bonding of metals and composite surfaces, for this reason each joint-line will be analysed through a scrupulous and even more severe examination.

The cycles can comply with specific reference standards or tailor-made according to needs. Our environmental simulation climatic chambers not only allow the testing of materials with complex temperature profiles in a range of -50 ° C ÷ + 200 ° C but also regulate humidity in a range of 10% ÷ 98% R.H. High slew rates enable test-compliant to standard and evaluation under dynamic conditions. The material verification tasks are mainly carried out by suppliers who, producing sub-components, can rely on Mastikol to offer a professional, reliable and a quicker service.

Our technical consulting is generally free of cost and oriented towards establishing a lasting supply relationship

Laboratory destructive tests

  • Verification of substrates, regulations, specifications and the assembly process
  • Bonding of specimens according to ASTM, following our experience and your request
  • Environmental simulation with rapid temperature changes and humidity control (adjustable ramp function and preheating chamber)
  • Programmable condensation protection for aging samples
  • Tensile test via dynamometer of the specimens subjected to thermal cycles (according to ASTM and/or your preferred reference)
  • Analysis of detached surfaces, identification of conditions and values ​​of the failure mode
  • Report from our internal logger, readable, shareable and with measurement values in an open format
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