MASTIKOL SRL, certified UNI EN ISO 9001-2015, supports its customers to improve and innovate their unique products, offering a complete range of adhesive technologies formulated, specifically, to realize tailor made chemical bonding joints for composite – metallic – thermoplastic – thermosetting, substrates.

Historically official distributor of BOSTIK – TOTAL, SCIGRIP, 3M AUTOMOTIVE, HERCUSEAL brands and with 25 years of experience, Mastikol built countless reliable adhesive solutions over the time, even at its own brand, today considered essential in the assembly processes through adhesives and resins.

We are specialized in the supply and formulation of one or two-component adhesives and sealants such as Polyurethanes, Epoxies, Methyl-Methacrylates, Neoprene-based solvent, Cyanoacrylates, anaerobic Methacrylics, hot-melts EVA-PSA, reactive PUR, MS polymers, Acrylic foam tapes … and many other products certified, qualified and approved by the most important European and overseas industrial companies in naval, nautical, military, wind, automotive, railway industries.

MASTIKOL SRL is available to help the customer during the research for the most suitable solution and solve the bonding projects starting from the concept to the first parts production, making available the technical knowledge of ten-year presence in the market. We support the customer through an accurate bonding study thanks to our Laboratory, recreating the adhesive joints exactly as desired and testing the mechanical performance of the most suitable solution for the process. With the goal to complete an efficient service, we know and sell useful equipment’s for the dispensing of the proposed products.

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